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Default Re: Concerns Members Have About Enforcement of Forum Rules

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
In my opinion, Project Camelot and Project Avalon are a part of alternative journalism. Therefore, I feel that those who are in decision-making functions at Project Camelot and Project Avalon have a responsibility to protect free speech.

In my opinion, the banning of franciejones is a free speech issue because the sequence of events leading up to the action taken against her involved a very public issue of importance: is Dr Bill Deagle a paid disinfo agent?

This post on my part is to register my protest for what I feel is improper stifling of healthy debate about an important public affairs issue.
Originally Posted by UncleJohn View Post
The word "troll" on groups and forums has a very definite meaning. A troll is a post by someone with the intent to extract a emotional reaction. In other words, they are fishing for a bite.

Sometimes this technique is used to disrupt, but mostly it is by someone playing head games with others, or attempting to attract attention to themselves or to validate their positions by bullying.

"Paid parallel government agents" are much in the minority of trollers on net.

The PC mods are not trying to suppress anyone's free speech other that attempting to keep the discussions here civil and somewhat on focus.
I do not believe franciejones fits into the category of "troll" as you lay out here and I repeat my protest - for what it's worth.
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