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Default Re: Did Rik Clay LIVE to bring us this NEW Times/Age Masterpiece?

What I was referring to, as per my PM, was the link given at the end of part 1 and where that lead. Part 1 had been pulled from the first series that I'd watched so perhaps the comment to google "2012 transition of the ages" was there all along.

I agree fully with the likelyhood of your PM opinions. Clay's and my research also agree though from completely different approaches.

America has been bled, chewed up, and the attempt now is to spit us out. (As this displacement of our local workforces happened in Rome, and perhaps even Egypt; we now know why history repeats itself.)

We have been polarized in so many ways to keep us distracted, preoccupied, and tired; racial hate carefully inculcated over a great many years. Just lying in wait like a snake in the grass.

Rik's theme was one of a possible architected 'transition' leveraging our fears, and energy as fuel. Did I miss his information telling us to Google '2012 transition'? Google and Utube are part of the machine and can dole out or torch links as required.

This lead to a set of links that seemed completely inconsistent with everything that came from his mouth.

What if he was right and we have more power than we're led to believe? We could unknowingly make this a self fulfilling prophecy.

Conversely, if we, and I me WE, take actions to stem the corruption, stem the fear, and help others that are unknowingly feeding the proverbial beast, it's not impossible that we can turn this power around, should it truly exist.

Someone once said, "We're not superstitious, just careful and take no chances." (After the Egyptologists started having accidents after defiling a Pharoh's tomb and packages of artifacts started rolling into London museums.)

Originally Posted by Egg View Post
Its an interview with Rik Clay. How is that feeding fear?


Its his words, his voice, his talk, his interview so unless you really really want to wind me up, you had better show me why you think that doesn't belong in your thread.

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