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Iraq is becoming balkanized by the West. The western banking cartels will not tolerate an independent Iraqi government that does not follow the West's agenda for permanent military bases and oil field development. Iraq's democratically elected government will not tolerate the proposed SOFA which is deemed political suicide for any Iraqi official who supports it. Iraq will only accept a withdrawal agreement, not a security agreement. So the probability is high that the Iraqi government is going to be destabilized through intrigue and assassinations in a similar way Iran's democratic government was overthrown in 1953.

That instability could lead the Kurds to declare the independent State of Kurdistan. That development would create a harsh reaction in Turkey and Iran. It would become a catalyzing situation that could ruin Turkey's relationship with the West. Extreme pressures within Turkey would force the Turkish government to invade Kurdistan and take control the Kirkuk oil fields.

Well anyone that is religious will understand that Kurdistan is the country that was cut into 4 pieces. It is the location of the Headwaters of the Tigress, and the Garden of Eden.

The 4 pieces of Kurdistan will once again be united as a country...

It is written and with Turkey and Iran being run by those who believe in God, it will be allowed to happen.

I won't return until Kurdistan is a country...

I have stayed the Hand from crushing Iran to rubble, giving back Kurdish lands is a small price to ask...
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