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Default Re: Pineal Gland Awakening: Star Nations Teachings

Ego Teachings cont'

The Creator showed me more, but am just giving a small bit here.
This is the reason why - The ego who has ruled the formation of our
consciousness will get angry. It just doesn't know what to do with
reality. This is what the Creator warned me about.

We have learned to see reality through the education process of
school, medicine, religion, ruling bodies of countries.

What frees us from this grip is our Spirit. This is where the truth of
love lies

As people read these posts I know there will be many different reactions.

However, this does not change the truth of it.

We have been given a way out, by the Creator by our Connection to the Creator.

As we go through the process of reeducating ourselves via our
connection, various reactions occur, and always this most
important link, this Connection will guide us to where the
Creator wants us to be, our Purpose and inner peace.

Those of you who have had a life threatening experience or a
near death experience will know what these posts mean.

When people learn native teachings they will go through
many deaths.

if anyone is interested in learning about this
Medicine Grizzly Bears books are truly wonderful.
I posted information about him on this thread.

you can find him on the internet and can order
his books online. He has been prepared through
ceremony and traditional teachings for many years
before teaching.

Medicine Grizzly Bear's website

thread link about Medicine Grizzly Bear:two separate posts -

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