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Default Re: william deagle scares the holy **** out of me for his believability

Guys, I wouldn't lose any sleep over what Bill Deagle says.
I suspect he's a bit unhinged.
Like David Icke, Nancy Lieder and Dick Cheney he is a fear-monger.
Whats good about these individuals though is that they are teaching us to be very careful about what to think and who we let mess with our thoughts.

If Deagle or Dick Cheney scares you thats because you have given your power away to them and you are letting them do that to you. I think Deagle is untintentional, Cheney obviously knows what he is doing in the fear department.

As we approach 2012 and 4d, your thinking will begin to manifest things into your reality alot faster. I've noticed this is happening to me. You have to regulate what your thoughts are and what your emotional state is. If you have a conciousness based on fear, then guess what you're going to get more of. If its relaxed, fun, and grounded, then thats what you'll have.
Think of your mind as the Genie in the bottle, 'your wish is my command master'.
Thats the catch. Thats the secret to 2012. Thats the power we have and are learning to play with.
So...relax, its all cool, chill out and follow your intuition, trust it. Thats what you have to learn.
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