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Default Re: william deagle scares the holy **** out of me for his believability

thanks all for the replies and i get the message essentially, although i dont quite know what *sleeper* has to do with this.

basically i brought up deagle because he is like one-stop shopping for the conspiracy and he delivers it so well. he seems sincere and compelling. i misrepresented myself in essence, because i am not totally afraid of what he has to say in abosolute sense, it is just that like many people here i have a background in studying this sort of material )thankyou project camelot) and his talks tie it all together into one big narative. to the extent that it has reality, i mean it is pretty scary though i do not live in fear in an absolute sense.

so my aim here was just to provoke feedback and discussion.

and as far as the conspiracy goes i am more everyday on board with david wilcocks take on all of this. i think that the nwo has overplayed its hand and is in disarray which makes sense since they as a group have no integrity and so how can they ultimately succeed?. furthermore, his view that we help create the outcome is positive and mystical enough to be sound about right to my own intuition; and so i am more willing than ever to commit to being an agent that sees a better outcome for more people as a matter of course.

i just was wondering of what people thought about the veracity of deagles info in general. i am ready to buy his products. he sold me. lets hear it for neutricudicals!

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