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Wink Re: william deagle scares the holy **** out of me for his believability

Originally Posted by Rebel4Life View Post
Ive listened to him talk before and to be honest I don't feel like he's there for us. He's being mislead with ego and by the forces of darkness. Especially when he got these so called 'visions' he was probably attacked by government black ops psychics and believed the visions to be true

I understand you, that is allways a posibility.

In any case from what I know and researched dr. Deagle have just the right things and no other researcher/whistleblower I know have it and I don't desagree in anything. Other thing's he is totally a profesional in what he do.

There are 2 kinds of alternative media, the ones who inform what are hapening and the other who inform what and why this is hapening (and in the case of Dr. Deagle nutrimedical show he inform you about solutions to these problems).

Other thing is the Jesuit topic. Nobody dares to face the Real puppeteers of what is happening this days. In fact the ones who faces them then dies (ex, Bill Cooper, Alberto Rivera, John Todd, Eric Phelps was poisoned but not die, etc.) but the ones who never mention that are alive.

It's strange because the New World Order shi*t is Jesuit, no other, the Jesuits are who created the illuminati to control the powerfull people in the world, the Jesuits wit the help of several organizations (Like the knights of snt. John -Malta-, the Knights of Columbus, the council of foreing relations, masonry, world banks, etc etc etc.)are behind that and it's absolutely idiot not mentioning that order of priests.

If you listen to Dr. Deagle's program he allways says "this is not to sacaring you, we talk a lot of things but all of it allways with solutions" not just the bad thing, in fact I heard the other day some alex jones show and it's the opposite, just the bad things. In fact he say the other day tha the talks about the 10% of what he knows to not scare the people haha mm, that's means he talks about what Have a solution.

I invite all of you to listen to his program -on demand- that's means the show are repeated until the next starts- and judge with knowing what's really about it HERE.

I have to remark that in the infameous 2006 granda forum lecture he was specting to be killed (waka) like anothers whistleblowers before they gives similar lectures so he was very nervious, that's the reason of how he gives the lecture.

In the other hand David Wilkock says that the aliens and the cosmos will save us all (2012 thing). But what I heard about the alien/gods contactees is that they are intradimensional beings scaming people (the real good ones don't comunicate with us because the quarenteen imposed in ou planet), and this being who comunicate with David, RAtta, teaches exactly the luciferian doctrine (!) so I don't believe what he says in concern of the RAtta material and derivates of it, I think the only thing who makes David credible is that he is a very good and wise person with very good intentions.

That's beacuse I believe in dr. Deagle, he tells to the people what I found in my extenses investigations is the best and without fear of any taboo and trying to not scare people (listen to his show to back what I said).


Something about the pasivity:

Think about it. If Ghandi didn't do what he did back in the 20th century, India would never be british free. He Did something and get something.
Don't be pasive, that isn't at all a good thing, the events don't do itselves. The "gods" dont help the people who don't help themselves.


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