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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

I like the forum and I'm glad its here.

U think we need to remember that it's only a couple of months old and still working itself out. To be honest in the 'good old days' which were literally days ago there was a lot of fighting and disagreement so that's not new.

The forum was set up for reasons that wouldnt necessarily jive with the people it would first attract - Project camelot viewers - so some fracture is completely normal.

I think it's a shame that tongues werent sheathed more in regard to the 'witnesses' who helped create the interest and funds which in turn created this forum. Can't say I agree with some of them but it would be better if they were still on here I think.

As for disinfo agents I abhor this term as much as the dreadful 'sheeple'. These terms are thrown around and usually by experienced forum users which tells the story I think. Sometimes it's too easy to misunderstand a typed message and we need to chill out I think and be more forgiving too.
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