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Lightbulb Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?


Hi Kevin, and Warmest Greetings to All,

I voted choice 'B' = Satisfactory, and could be Improved. I was a little Surprised to see that this is the Majority Opinion.

IMO, the Forum has been spread too thin, with a proliferation of Sections and Threads. This has created a 'Jungle' for anyone trying to navigate to appropriate areas of common Interests.

There is a need to gain some 'control' of this Proliferation. Consolidate various similar Threads into DEFINED Format Sections. Any further postings should then only be allowed to go into appropriate Established Sections.

In other words, No New Threads. Post in those Sections already 'Fixed' for the desired Topic. Moderators may Close sections, or Create New Sections from time-to-time, as the interests of the members may change.

My Two Cents

Peace - Out

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