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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
Hey T3J,

How about asking how many ships are in our Solar System.I mean when you think about it, the distance to get to Earth is like what, a second? Probably not even that. Just a thought.
When traveling using the 4th dimension travel takes zero seconds from anywhere in the universe. Remember they are using the time/space domain, they can leave and show up as if there has been no time elapsed here in the space/time domain. They can also travel forwards and backwards in time using the 4th dimension as a travel medium.

This is how faster than light travel works. You are faster than light because you are in a dimension where the speed of light is no longer a limiting factor. It is more of a spontaneous transport from the perspective of any one viewing it from the vantage point of this dimension. This is why it is strange that they are parking around the Earth. It is like they are waiting for something to happen, or they are having a great big galactic conference meeting and they already know what is going to happen. Or they are attempting diplomacy to get the rouge earthbound group to make the right decision and be graceful loosers?

Originally Posted by iainl140285 View Post
Hey Tone, have you asked why yet??
I cant help but get the feeling that 1. They are our craft (Our being human controlled) and 2. Its a defence FLEET/formation.
Defence from what I've not checked out yet. It could even be from a rouge human threat.

Could be anything huh
The black tech corporations probably have their own fleet of UFO's. Actually if I dowse up the number of ARVs (alien reproduction vehicles) that we have the number comes up 1,230 right now. However, when it comes to these other civilizations even the most advanced of our secret craft are totally lame compared to the numbers and sophistication of theirs.

I agree that the most likely reason is that they are here is because of the potential rouge earthbound threat. I actually believe that Majestic may play the fake alien invasion card. Perhaps they have not made the call yet if they will do it and this fleet is here to try to influence them into making the correct decision? The good guy fleet might also be keeping out some rouge groups of ET's if there are any. I personally think that if there are any that they would have been asked to leave by now. Then they would have to be the dumbest bunch of advanced ET's in the galaxy to try anything in opposition to the non-rouge elements.

However, if there are rouge alien groups (playing devils advocate) that where an eminent threat then why would the good guys just now be showing up like this. If their intention was to defend Earth from an outside threat then why would this be happening just now instead of like 50 years ago. It is more likely that it is an earthbound threat.

I was talking to a UFO researcher the other day. He said that he has a friend that has some of these 4 generation night vision goggles. Apparently he can go out almost any night and see craft with these goggles that are having battles in the sky above where he lives. This has been on going for some time now. That phenomena is more than likely our secret craft shooting at the good guys. The number one threat to the long term agenda of Majestic is the good guys from off world. They represent a loss of power and control for Majestic.

Who knows, right now there could be a diplomatic conference going on somewhere on Earth or on one of the ships. These advanced cultures would go for the diplomatic option and then leave the defend against agression as the last option. This is what any ethical being would do, right?
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