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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Alex Collier also stated that there was going to be an undeniable fly over of craft by the year's end. If this was to happen, how could the Government deny it? Alex made that statement in August 2009. If I know anything about our Government, they will wait till the last darn second and even then might not even reveal it. In my opinion, the Government hasn't disclosed to the public because of the contracts they signed that allowed for abductions of our citizens to take place. Also the abduction of our children to be used as a food source for our Draconian rulers. If that was ever to be disclosed, there probably would be a revolt against the government and a witch hunt of our political leaders.

The History Channel is going to have a special that will air in about 2 weeks on disclosure. Maybe that will end up being blocked out. Why are we even thinking that the Government would do the right thing? We should turn that table around and fire these bastards that have sold us out on so many levels.

Here we are between a rock, a boulder, a hard place, surrounded by alien agendas above and below us, every other country setting their sights on us, and a government who has sold us out with the money we just forked over to them thinking we could buy our way out of it without taking the proper responsibility of ourselves to command what we want in the name of sovereignty. Talk about being compromised on every level.

Something is brewing! That something is ME! We have been sold out and we, the People, signed off on the paper work already.

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