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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
The History Channel is going to have a special that will air in about 2 weeks on disclosure. Maybe that will end up being blocked out. Why are we even thinking that the Government would do the right thing? We should turn that table around and fire these bastards that have sold us out on so many levels.
The History Channel just had the excellent James Fox documentary "I know what I saw" on the night of the 4th. Someone already put it on youtube.

Here is part 1

Something is brewing! That something is ME! We have been sold out and we, the People, signed off on the paper work already.
Come on now, nothing is set in stone. There is no contract, only manifestations of the collective consciousness of everyone on the planet which is in a state of radical evolution right now. I look at the top viewed videos on Google Video about once a week to get a feel for the consciousness of the section of the world population with internet access.

All of the sudden yesterday there was a banned BBC documentary from a few years ago that showed the factual history of the Neo Conservative illusion of world geopolitics that where created based off of Straussian Philosophies of social control. It shows the brutal truth that the hole thing is a lie.

Not some of it is a lie, the entire thing. Now to be fair, this was obviously an illuminati smear campaign against the Neo Cons, however this does not change that 90% of what is in this movie is factual. The 10% that is not factual is the stuff about who actually did the 911 job and a few other misdirects so that you will not know what the illuminists have been up to. You can tell it is Illuminati information because the film makes Kissinger and Clinton look like the good guys. Obviously they are not the good guys and are actually just he other side of the turd coated coin.

CLICK HERE, for part one of this 3 hour long history lesson, must watch?

It shows just how far the PTB will go to lie to us and control things. I was already aware of how we where being lied to, but I did not have all of the details until after I watched the 3 parts of this documentary. This is the kind of information that shocks people out of their mental slumber. I think that we will see more of this kind of thing surfacing as the opposing sides of the PTB begin to smear each other in order to try to stay afloat. It is like a civil war of the power mongers and neither one of them are going to win. We will be the winners.
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