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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Come on now, nothing is set in stone. There is no contract, only manifestations of the collective consciousness of everyone on the planet which is in a state of radical evolution right now
Great point!

There has been no contract signed that I'm aware of.....there are 6 billion people out there right now...who have the spark to survive...and I have seen quite a different "beginning"..not an ending.

This whole thread is based on a perception of things we have learned, things we have seen, experiences we have had....and not saying they are not true...I myself have had such experience....but forgive me folks for being very blunt here.......

Where is the proof?

Not saying there is not truth connected here...but seriously....what are we doing here? Where are we going with this?

Are we to believe that there is going to be a war...right in our little space of our word? World wide invasion be destroyed...and eaten? To be made slaves of the PTB for their mass consumption?

People have been lulled to sleep..thinking that the power to control a situation such as war is out of their control. That the government is so powerful that "we the people" are just going to have to deal with our small part of the planet..that small space around us that says...this is our world..and that other stuff out there is out of our hands...there is nothing we are able to do.

I realize what the government system is all about...but if we just sit there and do nothing..they have already won. They have achieved their goal of making you powerless over your world. Yes..the reality of the situation is darker then you can handle..and do you know why?
Because they have told you of the biggest catch phrases lately is "you can't handle the truth" you think that is an accident that every one uses it? It is used because that is what you have been programmed to believe.

And they rock you in the cradle of deception....making you believe you are powerless over anything other then that little space that is around have no control over the atrocity.

Our Mod Anchor just bought a new olive orchard I think....and many of the 6 billion people out there are working on trying to improve their existence...they are not going out so the love for their family..their friends...and mankind will not allow it.

No folks...understand this right now...we may be experiencing a revolution...and evolution.....but perish we will not...and we will come back to survive in what I can only hope is unity and peace.

By all means ....shine a light on the darkness...make it go away! Expose it! But do not believe for one minute that a group of lizards is going to take us all out...because our will to survive is strong..and when we truly unite to what is going on...they will lose their power over us....and it may be a battle....but if there are that many UFOs our can be assured there are some good guys sitting back waiting to step in....maybe in those other dimensions you speak of T3J....but I feel confident enough to say...any total take over of 6 billion people will be impossible.

The light is already shining on the truth....all we have to do is get up out of our chairs..and stop being so complacent ..and take back our I ask you....what are you doing to fight you have a plan? Because I'm telling you..that little space of your world is closing in...and soon they will be knocking on your door.
What is your first reaction if someone touches one of your children?.....feel the fire?

Perceptions ..."don't get on the ships" or "go on the ships"....what's wrong with just staying here and fighting for our rights...and standing up now?

They are so good at putting you in fear....they create wars to distract and control....
They are even so cleaver as to make you cheer it you such a good cause as 'terrorism"....the other programmed catch word.
They deem mass murder as "justice"...they even throw "freedom" in there to season the soup.

With loving respect I leave you with
a song that might light your fire

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