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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
I concur Anchor! I did choose. It was no accident. As with the title of the thread, what I am discovering is that something is beginning to brew on this forum site as well. Just to think I have only been here a few days only to discover that this forum site is about to go through a major transition for the better. I have uncovered something. I knew the first day I came here that it was already here. Agents. Lurking, surfing, intervening, and manipulating. At first I just brushed it off as I was getting acquainted with the site. But certain events that have transpired over this passed weekend, have opened my eyes as to the degree of what is happening here.

It starts here. This isn't about paranoia. There is proof and I am only one of several who have had several experiences concerning this issue. The reason as to their presence is very clear to those who 'KNOW." What this forum is all about. It's simple. They don't want anyone to know. That is their number one priority is for us to be unenlightened, underpowered, and just shunted from our true essence. So what this site represents is something they will not want us to discover. Ourselves.

I have bounced around and there is a vast amount of valuable information to absorb. But don't get glued to it as it will also serve their purposes. Don't allow the information to become like fly paper. In other words, read it, ponder it, and let it go. It isn't about using discernment. It is about using extreme discernment.

There is a fire that is going within this site and there will be a gathering of energy to purge these agents. I can already see them screaming. I can also see them running. Running away from the flames. I also suspect that now since I have addressed this, the heat will be turned up. Let's turn it up.

Reminds me of the Matrix movie except it is going to happen right here. The beauty of that is I know there are many a Neo already 'anchored' here. They don't want us to realize that either. They want us to stay separate from each other and they create much dissent and run many tactics of controlled confusion. Promoting competition to keep us divided. It's time to anchor ONENESS. Also kick this duality paradigm down the road. Let the first battle start here. We need to clean this mess up and restore what the Creators of this site had intended.

So for those who read this, stand back away from it so you can see it with both of your eyes. Make a choice. Others have already. They are coming out of the woodwork and have been under the radar just waiting for the right moment to set this back upright. Consider it your right to make a positive difference here. After all look at all the time you have spent here. If you value that then you can empower yourself to make that positive difference.

Remember when Neo is in the train station and decides to quit running and he turns around to face the Agent?


I nominate this post of the year.
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