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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

The time for postulating, the time for watching, the time for sitting on the fence has ended. The time for doing is upon us. It is very very clear what has led to the position we are in. It is very clear their is a stalemate in progress. It seems we, the earth born, have it upon us to break the stalemate and step up to the plate and save ourselves. SOS has a new meaning "Save Our Selves!" Many people of the earth have no idea what is going on. They are safe and warm in their illusionary cages that the PTB has set up to trap them in the matrix.

Who is going to set them free? The ET's? What's the Catch? Well people. I am very sorry. But I can't watch anymore. Those that are guiding and protecting us want us to make the next move. after all, it's about us. It's up to us to wake everyone up. Disclosure is not enough. It's time to prove by doing. And everyone here has the abiltity to prove by doing. Stand up and start doing. One person can't do it alone but the 800 or so active members of this forum could. Take what you know and figure out how to prove it to your loved ones and friends. Share your successes and your losses and the turn arounds you witness.

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