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Default Re: For writers and artist of all types

Hi Shadowstalker,

Please don't take this the wrong way, it's not meant to be rude; ask someone to proof read your (printed) books before you publish them. They will be a set of fresh eyes that will see mistakes that perhaps you did not realize you made, for example in your text 'there' is used instead of 'their', or 'mad man' when I think you meant to say 'mad men' and in your signature you use the word 'threw' when I'm sure you meant 'through'.

Normally I wouln't mention these sort of mistakes, but as you are writing books, you need to be spot on, it could mean make or break.

By the way, check out my books at: (plug, plug)

Best regards,


Originally Posted by Shadowstalker View Post
I posted this thread to help out writers and the like who have been trying to sell there books, poetry and such, while we are here in 3D we still need to pay the bills and so on , I figure that since we have a common ideal as such that maybe we can help each other spread our works to each other and to others of course.

I see this as a form of synchronicity, to help each other promote our works.
We are hard working folks and need to help each other, also we need not necessarily buy each others stuff but to help spread the word of out works , word of mouth is very strong and help promote the likely hood in sales and help better our futures.

All you need to do is post what you want to be promoted, a small description and possibly link.


If you works are free to acquire then plz post that it is free.


All my poems are free (except my poem e-book) All downloadable

Simple basic instructions on how to use your E.M.F METER A.K.A. GHOST METER

A partial list of encounters of spiritual trip and visions, that may help other better understand of whats out there and to let folks know they are not alone.

PROJECT ASCENSION: Paperback & Download
Welcome to the world of science and mad man who try to control what little they know about the spirit world, and try to create there own gods. this is part one of a possible trilogy..

My link is below in my signiture section, thank you
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