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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

I like getting down to the root cause of any challenges, don't you? I mean there always seems to be something more to anything we involve ourselves with yes? For example, the topic here is "Free Energy", that's a good start to get it all going, but what else is there to understand, know, perceive and especially explore and all of which that is related to this topic of discussion?

For those who chose awareness, who don't choke on blue pills (Matrix movie). Or those who chose being more open minds and heart, then the rest of this is for you.
How about something like, "how or why" our thoughts can become our physical reality. How/why do we see physical reality and process it being our reality? Figure that out and you'll not only probably (and more easily easily) figure out free energy, but you'll also most likely figure out the most optimum free energy for you to have and use in this physical world.

Why do we desire free energy? Because we exist in this particular place we call reality and free energy could help make our lives more optimum (something like that). Okay, but what is reality? I can give you my opinion though. First I know that I am eternal unlimited energy. This place I call reality is only my illusion or perception of it all. If you really think about it in this way... that "YOU" are your whole reality, then maybe your open to other possibilities as well.

One main reason why I am explaining something that others here may already understand is because I experience what so many people believe being "impossible for me to experience". For example, I sometimes manifest what I call TED's or thought energy devices. The only way to explain TED's is in a very limited way... through the english (or any other of today's languages) language.

Basically, I see all various forms of separation concerning the oneness of all reality. One way to do this is to understand all reality being a TED. Next, continue separating reality by naming things, people, places, ideas, time & space, past, present and future (just to name a few) For example everyone and everything is a "TED". Just as some cultures believe that everything has a spirit in it, is basically the same concept as TED's. Because you, as a TED operator, can program and reprogram almost any TED's in your reality. You can even program TEDs that are unknown to the majority of TED operators (people) and other beings). You can especially program TED's in different ways, such as your thought energy (thoughts, intentions, beliefs, non-beliefs and more). For example I've programmed my URD or Ultimate Radar Detector TED to automatically search and locate all ground and air speed traps up to 200 mile radius from my mobile (me driving my car) location. My URD has a few other programs, some concern "ultimate safety features". I constructed my URD in my mind and approved it through me higher self (god/universe). In other words, I meditated a lot and wrote down on paper concerning my many thoughts of it all. This included a lot of day dreaming for me as well. All until my URD became part of my existence. TED's could also be called "beliefs" or those ideas which you process into being more or less of your whole reality experience.

Sure it's good to talk about the possibilities of free energy being our reality experience but why not cover all other related possibilities as well? Such as who we all really are, we are all eternal unlimited beings. We are all our god like abilities. TED's are just one of the unlimited examples of such possible discussions concerning free energy. What about a collective of thought energy being combined to make free energy more than possible? That's what this thread is doing already, but how much or how further could this be taken?

I mean, if we were all to concentrate or focus our thought energy on us experiencing the most optimum free energy for our world... couldn't the reality of it really happen for us all? If you believe in parallel realities or quantum jumping (American Monk) or the book called The Secret, then why not parallel realities? How, why, when and where you enter and experience any parallel reality is up to you. Maybe each and every new moment is yet another parallel reality for us to experience? Because all reality is energy... FREE ENERGY that is constantly changing because it's also in motion, right? So nothing ever stays the same.

Why is it we all feel, think, believe, see, hear, sense that big oil is still being our reality experience? Because we all continually change so that big oil remains being our reality experience! Change your thought energy for free energy and then "be" that change you want to see in the world. Next thing you realize is that you exist in a reality just like this one here. Except free energy is now everywhere for all to have and utilize.

Please, let's continue talking about the shapes and their energy because more people could probably relate to that better than to thought energy or TED concept. Maybe somewhere down the road it will all meet and be one. Either way it all is or will be one at some point.

There is always a much easier way to explain what I have just explained here. If my ideas, concepts or beliefs are accepted then maybe we could evolve it all to operate with the free energy TED.

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