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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Thanks Clarity for all the input. TEDs can go by many names. I refer to them as an entity, a singularity, or a (w)holon. I talked about it in the vids, and geometrically it can be considered a sphere, or a point.

I'm working on my rodin coil capacitor as we speak, and about to run to the store to grab some supplies. I got back to Tango's a couple days ago from Sedona. Hopefully some cool things can manifest.

In Sedona, I met someone who is going to be getting me Nassim Haramein's phone #. I made some great connects up there, and when I go back next week I am going to get introduced to a tesla scientist, a physicist, and the author David Hatcher Childress. The big connect was good friends with Ian Lungold also. Things are taking off...
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