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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

That is a great story mudra, and this is a great thread greybeard, thanx.
The ego is the cause of all our problems, i have been trying to live without mine for a while now, but it doesn't stop me clashing with others for speaking my truth.

Last night in the pub two guys were having a conversation with the barman who was flicking through the daily Mirror or some other nonsense when the talk turned to 911, via x-ray machines and terror scares from the msm rag. One guy said 911 was an inside job and asked me to back him up when the other guy doubted him. i told him about how building 7 fell behind the shoulder of the bbc reporter 20 minutes after she had reported its collapse. I told them how the retired head of Homeland security was hawking body scanners around europe because he owned the company which made them, and how a cia operative had been involved in the mumbai shootings.

The barman accused me of being a conspiracy nut and called last orders, I could see he was annoyed, he had been trying to direct the conversation with the boys, when it was taken to a place outside his comfort zone. The boys then began to ask me questions on all sorts of subjects such as ufos, nibiru, etc. I told them to go and find their own truth, that i didn't have all the answers.

Another friend of mine came in and we had a drink and our own bit of craic, he was depressed, a mutual friend had recently committed suicide, he had just witnessed a fight, and he himself was in terrible pain in his legs, caused by alcohol, but thats another story. He had a whiskey and went home with 6 cans to see him through the night.

The barman doesn't like me because of my unconventional lifestyle, and muttered a comment about the guy who had just left and his drink problem. I told him not to be so uncharitable, the other two guys said he was just a grumpy old man. I agreed that he was indeed grumpy and he exploded with a stream of venom, about the guy who had just left and a few comments about me, I just sat and smiled at him, we were learning a lesson.

"Don't take anything personally, because the moment you do, your spiritual growth and journey comes to an end." Hopi Elders
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