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Default Re: Why making God unfashionable never works..

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Is there no malevolent supernatural force at work on Earth...masquerading as God? Be careful which God you meditate upon! Beware of charlatans, tyrants, manipulators, deceivers, and pretenders! I have tried to make my case to the best of my ability on many different threads...and I continue to receive mostly chilly responses...when someone actually responds! Thank-you all for your warm and thoughtful comments!

Ortho ,
yes malevolent force calls him self "god".

He was at very high rank within heavenly realms. By his nature he was God's son. One of the many. He was an archangel -meaning he held very high position along with some yet unknown tasks to do in the universe.

Alas for him and his wicked deeds afterward since he allowed that ego and pride slowly but surely overcome his mind and very being and thus he became corrupted.

He was expelled from heavenly family but was not deprived of some powers he had. Then he abused those powers and we all see and feel the results of that.

Many books were written about this whole thing and you even find that in Silmarillion theme from Tolkien.
But in Bible in separate books we find his true intentions why he rebelled .
He wanted that all others worship him along with Creator. He was made beautiful and strong . His name implies that he was very bright in his works and glory (Lucifer-light bearer),
When he was cast out he got name Satan (adversary) ,Devil (liar) .

I can tell you from personal experience , I know a woman , a very trustworthy woman and devoted Christian. Before she found God and actually became Christian ,evil forces were terrifying and torment her constantly for years. She would lay down in bed and in the middle of the night she would awake in the cross road street like 3 km away from her home in night gown. They would beat her viciously while she was lying down in bed.She would lay down healthy and happy and in the morning she would awake with bruises and wounds. Many similar stuff too.
Then when she found Christ and God , they changed attack tactics. But often they would still attack but now she was protected by angels.
She said that she saw them all and also that it is not given to everybody that they can see spiritual world.

Last time when I spoke with her I talked about UFO's and you'd think that an older woman and Christian too would bluntly repulse that in disbelief...
She didn't blinked ! She just said it is not given to everybody to see spiritual world...

Once she was in a park in my city and a woman came to her and without a second thought said that she must step down from being Christian and doing work for God and Christ or she will kill her because she has "powers". That woman came out of nothing. My friend do not know her and never saw her. That woman even told her that she works for dark side and listens all that they command her.

After few minutes woman performed some odd ritual right there in the park for a few seconds and my friend felt like some form of energy struck her deeply and whole left side was taken our for whole month.
When that happened she slowly prayed and walked away, during her walking away vast array of evil entities attacked her and she saw like sky was burning above with screams and cursing and the worst forms of insults against her. Of course she was the only one that could see that. And then , Satan appeared as beautiful angel with wrath towards her.

That happened few years ago but she still have troubles with entities and demons along with their master Satan.

I elaborated this here in order to show you real experience and what happens when we are attacked.
But one thing is sure, if you draw your self closer to light,love,truth... you are being protected by Creator.

Also one of the dirty tricks of Satan is that when he does not attack you by fear , then he tries to confuse you with lies, half truths are 99% of truth and 1% of lie.
For every person he has a tactic of what may work for him or her in order to enslave that soul and eventually destroy it.
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