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Talking Re: Why making God unfashionable never works..

Greybeard my friend at one point in my life I had an amazing collection of books, proud to consider myself an educated man. A scholar of the Bible and other Holy Books, often I sat all night with friends and debate with them about them. Now an old foggie of 52 I realize my foolish pride was my motivation. In the last 4 yrs. of my life I have learn so much about my spiritual connection to God and I have not read a single book. Think about this for a moment in the library of our collective conscious are millions of Holy books you could access . There's many secrets yet to be uncover about our spirituality. My book shelf came down and I started from zero relearning everything I thought I once knew. How do you think these Holy Books where written in the first place ? There's many authors just in one chapter in the Bible, who dictated to them what to write and how did they come across this information ? I am smiling as I write this . Our vision becomes so narrow we often missed the whole point of our connection to God, knowledge is endless, it is infinite yet it is very simple to access. You often refer to it as Faith . As you know I am respectful of everyone ones belief because they are bits and pieces of the truth. Ah but our learning and understanding lies beyond books straight if you will into the Heart of God.

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