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Default Re: Why making God unfashionable never works..

Wonderful answers all and welcome to truth and integrity ( literally!)

Thanks for pointing out the difference between Christ and Jesus Truthseeker, i am not too familiar with the fine details of Christianity in that way. Krishna says

'It is better to perform your own duties even faultily, than to perform someone elses duties perfectly, for that way lies madness.'

Another good point is that cultures like the north american indians, eskimos etc etc etc, also have there way of finding God and yes of course they do this without spiritual books. They do however use symbols, prayers, pictures, dancing etc and maintain a deep oral tradition, which if they commited to books would not render them invalid.

In regards to Teachers. A Bona Fide teacher considers themselves a servant of God, and his or her teacher also think in that way ( at least in the Vedic tradition of Vaishnavism) i am also a in this way we are the servant of the servant of the servant and so on. And Frank, yes, it is not a good idea to bash somebody with a holy book!!

Thankyou all for your words,

your humble servant,


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