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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

whoa..hold up. Time to calm down folks...look we r in this together and we need to work together...personally i believe that getting into debates about what currency is going to do what is pointless and counter producive...they r all going belly up..its a global meltdown, we need to focus on helping ourselves and eachother out (which r ultimately the same thing) in whatever ways possible.

...anyways before a full blown argument gets kicked into full gear, and nagativity rapes and plunders the land, i thought id try to step in and try to prevent it..i'd appreciate some back up on this too guys.

ideagoras..those r mighty strong words please watch the vibes.

Nicomachus..i dont know where u get ur info from and im not really sure i care that much about the future of any my view as well as probably many many others on project avalon is that holding any currency is not will all be worthless soon anyway so use it up and get stuff u can eat and keep u warm and dry..u know ..stuff that really matters to the well being of someone..u cant eat money, gold isnt going to keep u dry, and silver wont keep u warm (though gold and silver do have value for other things)... i am in the process of doing everything i feel i need to do. getting dried food, survival gear, warm clothes, blanket, even gold and silver too ..i suggest u and everyone do the same.

We r trying to create a radiant zone..if we r arguing..our zone isnt worth a damn, far from radiant...also i think it is consensus through the emails i got... no in short focus on the task at hand and get as prepared as u can in the short amount of time we have. arguing and bickering is pointless and hurts us all so unless u want to be responsible for that...chill out and think about more pertinent feeding urself , helping others and shelter..we gotta help each other out or all of our efforts r in vain.

Also as a reminder...we are the same organism caught in the illusion of separatism. we are eternal beings and this samsara is illusory (yet very convincing) in nature. so arguing with each other is ultimately arguing with yourself....which makes arguing and bickering even more pointless.

I suggest, again, we stay focused on what needs to be done, also stay positive and remember to forgive others as well yourself.

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