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You are still learning.... so am i!!

Don't let this information chastize you from society, the deeper we dig without preperation the more we push everyone around us away - i know first hand.

Enjoy yourself as much as humanly possible, who really wants to be a worry bug about the world coming to an end? honestly? replace that fear with a healthly vision of safety.

Follow your path and it will lead you where you want to be or dont, if something is really out of joint for you recognize it and remove it for your own sanity - some stuff can really bug people out.

Your at the time in your path where you realize a bigger picture and feel no power... this my friend i have seen HUNDREDS of times and i feel sad to see it... The second you realize you can make a change in your life the second you realize humanity needs to stand up and all do the same - it is not your worry, follow yourself!

Be cautious of people who make alot of money preaching about 2012, they will scare the **** out of you just to buy a book.

How do you make a novice understand? just speak how you do and if he finds it to be truth then he will go after it, sometimes people have there own personal problems to sort out before then can save the world.

The more you question without action the more you will feel isolated and alone, no one will understand you. That is your problem and the only word i keep hearing in my head for you is ACTION.

Act on how you feel and honestly go for your dreams, let this information and truth set your spirit into a motion that cannot be stopped for you see it is your true being, just try and stop the truth.

What do you do with this knowledge?? let it swim around in your mind then make a choice as to what you can do with it, we cannot take down the fat cats in washington right now (i think we could if we ALL banded together) but what you can do here and now is the little simple things (may i add wonderful?) the next time someone needs a door open - open it. The next time someone needs a dollar for some food give 2 dollars, humanity is a fragile being in the end. Handle them with care.

Best wishes with your journey always remember we are always around and here!

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