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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

Here's the other side of the coin, for me. I don't have many of these stories, really just this one.

I have only ever been one place in my life that actually felt evil. It happened while hiking on the Appalachian Trail in southwest Virginia, in some part of the Jefferson National Forest, I think.

My hiking companion and I took a side-trail to explore down a hillside. As we went further and further down, the trail went through a dense stand of rhododendron. Normally, these are very bushy plants that make beautiful flowers, but these were tall, with all the foliage at the top, above our heads. The trunks were thin, but densely packed very close together, forming almost a wall on both sides of the trail. It was very hot, humid, and very claustrophobic in there. It was hard to breathe, and this stand of rhododendron seemed to go on forever.

We realized we didn't like where we were, but decided to keep going to see if this would end. As we reached the lowest point of the trail and it started to go back up the other side, there was a humongous old tree to the side of the trail. The root system of this thing was enormous, with huge, massive roots undulating over the surface of the ground in all directions and across the trail. The tree was black. I don't know what kind.

At first I thought this was some sort of wise old tree and I was ready to encounter it, express appreciation for its uniqueness. Then the strongest feeling of fear came over me that I have ever experienced, a wave of cold fear.

My friend and I didn't say a word to each other. We just stopped, turned around, and got out of there! I have no idea what this was about.
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