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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

Well mark yes again this has crossed my families past.
Where i lived as a child there was a very large wooded area the whole place is very old indeed and goes back to the jurassic era so they say fossils and the like have been discovered there.
This area is also important with the death of Thomas Beckett i will go into this another time.
In the woods that surround the old abbey ruin was a very special place.
There are people even today who try to find the magical pond.
Every year in the local paper a collumn is dedicated to this pond and askes if anyone has ever found it.
I never saw it as a small child but have since.
my two older sisters have found this special place in their childhood, one sister who is a psychic saw tiny beings fairies she called them.
She used to play in the woods with her little friend when they were around 7 or 8, one day they came across a small opening in the woods in front of them was a beautiful area of water, she said she remembered how the sun streamed through the trees and shone across, lightening the whole area.
My sister thought she saw something moving in the undergrowth and she hid with her friend behind a bush,
To their amazement they both witnessed two fairy like beings forraging on the floor of the woods gathering leaves and things.

They sat and watched the sight that complete mesmirised them.
For the whole summer holidays the two girls went along to the woods each day and sat and watched the little beings who she said knew they were being watched but just let them carry on, they never approached them though, until one evening my sisters friend went to bed as usual but was woken in the early hours by a little man dressed in green clothes and a tiny hat on his head sitting on her dressing table looking at her possesions.
She screamed when her mum came to investigate of course the little man had gone.
This frightened my sisters friend so much she didn't want to go back to the woods no more so the special thing they both shared stopped abruptly as it had started.

We have been back since my sister myself and my daughter we never saw anything that day but three dragonflies flew over our heads whizzing round us we wondered.

The pitures we took, gave us a surprise though as my sister and daughter sat upon a bench in the woods where the dragonflies flew overhead in the corner on the photo quite clearly two little fairies, one playing a flute one sitting straddled a tree stump.
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