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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

Originally Posted by macrostheblack View Post
In iceland they have to ask the permission of fairie and elf before laying a new road or building a house. There ar trees in that country that look out of place and this is because builders in the past had to place a building to its side instead of thru it. Without their permission, all kind of accidents and curses happen. Perhaps in your experience - the tree and/or its inhabitants was angry with some situation?

Good tale mate, thanks

You're welcome. I have no idea. This tree was OLD, very very old. I don't know if it has stored all the bad vibes from this area or what. It was in a very out of the way place, so it's not like there was a lot of traffic there on that side-trail, at least not now, in the present. But you speaking of asking permission does make me wonder. I believe in that, asking permission. I did not ask for permission to pass by the tree on the trail. I wonder how this would have worked out if I had. At the time, I was just awestruck by how enormous it was, and particularly the roots above ground all over the place, then I felt afraid and didn't want to go past it.

Thanks for your insights. All of this helps me understand experiences I have had a little better.
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