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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

Very interesting Whitewolf, I can tell you the following that may interest you.

I travel alot in my job and when I`m in the heart of nottingham and have time go on what is called a jolly - using worktime for your own pursuits.(naughty) There is a shop in Notts that sells books, talismans, does aura reading etc. I have become a good friend of the gentleman that runs it and I once told him about my mum & gran. He is a healer and his wife is a medium. She is from Australia and that is where they both met. He told me of a very interesting counter when he lived over there. He used the house they had as a base from which to work. People would come and go requesting readings, healings and advice.

Then one day this women came in stating that she needed help for she felt ill, rundown and had nightmares. A standard laying of hands was performed upon her and this is when somthing amazing happened.

The womens face looking all so relaxed became what can be best described as foggy. It began to clear shortly afterwards and now had a different look. Paul(sopkeeper) told me that it now looked like an animal shaped head - almost doglike without the hair. Its eyes opened and it turned to look up at Paul. He felt a connection and decided to stop the healing for it wasnt needed. He told me that the being was a visitor here and not evil. It came through space without a ship like others of its kind and chose to experience humanity. It liked the women and decided to guard her for it saw alot of dark energy around her. It also relished the experience of understanding another form of being. The being told Paul that it would clear away and unwanted energy and then bluntley told him to leave it alone. the women woke up and felt better, smiled, payed and then left. Over the next few days Paul kept catching a figure nearby in the corner of his eye. As soon as he looked in its direction it vanished. Somedays later he meditated upon this concern and learnt that the being was not in anyway evil or negative - in fact it felt tremendous compassion for him. His wife asked the spirits and she was told that it was a elemental being from some other realm that got curious after Pauls attempted healing session onhe women. The being had been healing the women itself and this was why she felt off balance. It was its way of saying thank you for allowing it to be part of her. It had then gone to Paul to just watch his life&motives and quickly learned that he was a very sincere person. He then saw it at times and on these occasions it was clearing away unwanted energy. Soon after all this had happened the being stopped appearing. It had moved on.

So perhaps not all beings that look scary or hideous are negative.

Thanks mate for reminding me of this tale.


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