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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

What a good story.
had a cat once i thought was a little strange she came with another cat her mother.
both these were put into a cat sanctuary because the original owner was moving abroad and he couldn't keep them anymore.
My husband and i was looking to take another cat on so we decided to try the sanctuary we thought a kitten would be to much to look after so we decided on an older cat.
we passed the pen where mother and daughter were placed, both us fell in love with these two cats because they were both very old, 12 and 14 and the story the lady told us was that they had never even been out of the flat they lived in since they were kittens.
i felt so sorry for them both, never seen the sun light so to speak or feel the fresh air on them.
I decided to take both of them although i only really wanted to have one initially.
They had been at the sanctuary for 6 months and no one wanted them because they were so old.
When we got then home the youngest one started to show some strange behaviour, she was an odd looking cat with a strip down her nose, one half of her face looked as though she was smiling the other side looked quite evil i fact.
I think this put people off taking then also.
But we loved her all the same.
She had a new life she went out and enjoyed herself, the mum never ventured further than the back door.

Cut a long story short here, we lost the younger one about 6 months after she came to us, sadly her niavity on the roads cost her life and she was run down one day.
We held a ceremony for her and buried her at the bottom of the garden and stood a large heavy garden statue on top.

The following morning we noticed the bin bags at the bottom of the garden had been torn into again and all the debris lay around(something the cat did every night) My husband set about clearing the mess saying that;s odd must be another cat we always blamed poor old batty (nick name)
Then he noticed the large stone garden statue had been pushed over and was now lying on it;s side.
Thats odd my husband said, as he tried to pick it up a sudden gust of wind rushed passed him.
I actually saw this the whole bush shook beside him.
I actually think that is was batty she obviously didn't think she was dead and was carrying on like she did before her departure.
I nearly asked my husband to dig her up again just to make sure but of course she was dead it was just her spirit.

But what i haven't mantioned here was that i felt her spirit not to be animal, earth spirit but something from another place and time.
I can not go into it here it would take to long to explain but i always felt i had to free her and finally i did.
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