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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

Mark that's a very interesting story, but for my own case, I cannot possibly see why a scary looking creature would appear to me only once in my life, to simply stare at me with a menacing look on its face and then suddenly disappear. What did it want? Did it want to kidnap me but knew I was too well-protected by guardian beings? Why haven't I had any encounters with it since? It's appearance to me seemed very useless, sort of like a failed attempt to kidnap me or something after testing the waters. There is a man, I wish I could remember his name, who claims to have contacts with benevolent beings that he refers to as Andromedans, who claim that there are reptilian beings in cahoots with the earth's global elite, who kidnap people who serve as a source of food for them. Scary stuff if you ask me. So I have absolutely no reason to believe that this humanoid reptilian I saw as a young child was anything other than malevolent. Of course I can't prove it either.
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