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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

Jacqui or Anyone:

Jacqui, you mentioned wind and the bush shaking in the wind when your husband was inspecting the turned-over statue ...

I've had many experiences with wind that I have always found strange, many times when, for instance, a single leaf or branch on a bush will turn round and round and round, with nothing else around it moving. Or a single treetop swaying when the others are still. I've never understood how that can be. Do you think this is a sign of the presence of nature spirits or other energies? In June I was meditating outdoors and observed the wind moving the leaves of one tree only, when the leaves of that tree were intermingled at the crown with another tree right in front of it. The one in front wasn't moving. I kept waiting to see if the wind would move forward and get the one in front moving, but it never did. What's going on here?
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