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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
Whitecrow:[/ Do you have any feeling about what that might have been? You didn't see it at the time, but did you have any particular impressions from the area while you were there taking pictures? Any sense of anything unusual?
No, I sensed only that I was on energetic ground, which I guess is kinda hard to explain. I was investigating a large round bare spot, shaped like a backwards C. It is about 400' across and sits on a hilltop adjacent to a hiking trail. It's nearly impossible to spot from the ground, and too big to photograph from the ground, too. So I was walking around the loop taking pictures as I went with my digital camera (an Olympus SP-510UZ). The pictures above were taken at the end of the C, after I'd walked the entire arc. I was facing west, and the time was shortly after dawn.

After taking the above pictures I clambered down into the brush you see in the pictures, and discovered what I believe is an ancient retaining wall that closes the open ends of the C. This wall is almost buried in the hard soil and is completely overgrown with brush. At the very least it'd have to be 100s of years old. It's just possible that it's a natural feature, but I don't think so and I am very familiar with the weird geology of this place.

Or a single treetop swaying when the others are still. I've never understood how that can be. Do you think this is a sign of the presence of nature spirits or other energies?

The first time heard the trees singing, I'd taken a walk in the evening down by the creek, and as I passed a particular grove of aspens where I always stop to admire the sound of them rustling in the breeze, I could swear I heard them singing to me. It was a still evening and the only tree moving was a sapling near me that swayed as if in a strong breeze, and as I stood listening in wonder to the voices of the trees, this sapling bent down and enfolded me in its branches for a moment.

I'm well aware there will be folks here who won't believe THAT story. All I can tell you is that it happened. This is a very magical place, for those who are open to it.

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