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Default Re: Experiences with nature spirits

Originally Posted by whitecrow View Post
Or a single treetop swaying when the others are still. I've never understood how that can be. Do you think this is a sign of the presence of nature spirits or other energies?

The first time heard the trees singing, I'd taken a walk in the evening down by the creek, and as I passed a particular grove of aspens where I always stop to admire the sound of them rustling in the breeze, I could swear I heard them singing to me. It was a still evening and the only tree moving was a sapling near me that swayed as if in a strong breeze, and as I stood listening in wonder to the voices of the trees, this sapling bent down and enfolded me in its branches for a moment.

I'm well aware there will be folks here who won't believe THAT story. All I can tell you is that it happened. This is a very magical place, for those who are open to it.
This IS a very magical place ... this site and this world, this physical reality. This site, this thread is one place that people WILL believe you. I have written in the indigo thread that so much of our experience has been denied and invalidated, especially as children. People have always told us we're just imagining things. Well, not necessarily. That tree moving by itself ... just like I experience, and I would say I see things like that quite frequently. That's not imagination.

Don't you feel like it was the tree saying hello? Did you feel blessed by that, even if confused about what was happening?

The whole Earth is alive. Everything has consciousness and intelligence. And by this thread we're also seeing that there are energies and beings who can hide within the forms of this planet and sometimes communicate with us.

This is very cool.

So you have no ideas about what that cloud or mist was in the photos?
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