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Default Re: The Revolution Will Not Be Organized

Originally Posted by Jenny View Post
That's exactly why I applied for the Mod function.
Creating a Radiant Zone in my house, garden , village, my body, my mind, my heart, my spirit.
I wanted to walk my talk here as well and be of service.
Out in the open is the best place to breath freely.

Z for Zorro!
J for JENNY!

(lets all add, words, beside the letters)
for things we believe in

i'll start it : (everyone join in--by copying it,
and, adding to it)

A for adventure

B for Bill (for starting this forum) & best

C for caring

D for determined

E for ethers, energy

F for fun

G for gracious

H for heart

I for inner_worlds

J for joy

K for Kerry (for starting this form) kindness, knowledge

L for love

M for Mother Earth,

N for New

O for outer_worlds

P for positive

Q for quick

R for respect

S for strong

T for truth

U for united

V for victory

W for wit

X for eXchange

Y for Yes

Z for Zebra ? (i need some help)

WE can add to, delete, or modify these a,b,c's
in our alphabet soup
and, express to the world,
why we are all here, right now !!!

This could be FUN !!!
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