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Default Re: My Special Note regarding our Project Camelot video interview with Dr Bill Deagle

Originally Posted by Kerry Cassidy View Post
On whistle blowers and their role:

Once they become whistle blowers it behooves us to welcome them, with Christ-like forgiveness and acceptance, knowing they are reflections of ourselves, come home.

In Deagle's case, we have been to his home and met his lovely wife and family... Regardless of what you think of his ability to see the future accurately he is speaking the truth as he knows it, has a vast intellect and is acting true to his own inner dictates. In addition, if you take the time to listen to him, you will find much of his material matches your own very closely including his conclusion that we create our reality.

As a medical doctor, Deagle may be giving humanity a somewhat dire prognosis for the future, but he is doing it in the spirit of prophets of all time, so that humanity will wake up and see the error in their ways before they go down a road from which their is no return. As you know, the aim of prophecy is warning not that of passing sentence.

On a side note, he was not "wrong" yet... He never said on October 7th that anything would happen.. other than the downturn of the markets which as we all know happened...

You must walk the walk if you are going to talk the talk. If we turn away whistle blowers because of their pasts where would we all be? Who will cast the first stone?

Deagle is no different in this respect than Daniel or Henry Deacon. He is coming forward talking about the truth as told to him by MANY whistle blowers from black projects who shared their information... and he is coming forward very brave in spirit -- against great criticism and derision -- Yes, he may be verbose and his views may tilt in a direction you do not agree with.. but here is a soul who is doing his best to reveal the dark agenda to the masses and we need to acknowledge him for this.

This dimension is full of both the light and dark and embracing one to the exclusion of the other will only perpetuate the polarization of consciousness and defeat our purpose.


I personally agree with everything you are saying about Deagle and I do think he is basically a good soul and that we should listen. And it was one of the more interesting interviews that I've listened to.

However, simply put, there is a part that I'm running into a brick wall intuitively and logically. Am I not hearing this right? And it's this and to paraphrase:

That we are being judged

juxtapose that with the idea that there is free will and that the universe is essentially love.

Just doesn't go together.

BTW, I think you and Bill do an excellent job and I really appreciate it.
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