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Default Re: Has anyone actually seen a PLEIADIAN

Originally Posted by arcora View Post
i explained the basis of my assertions. still not going to to do it in detail for you. you will not understand because you want to believe in pleiadean contact, stargates, ascension portals...whatever.

so...just write it off as a difference of opinion and go your own way. but don't call me a troll because i disagree with you.
Avalonians, Acora is Michael of AstroVera. What's the matter Mike, since your forum is now a paid membership you haven't got enough in there to pay your way so you have decided to come over here and cause trouble.

Your an absolute Pr..k of all dimensions, your a total ******* for derailing and upsetting all these good people and I am personally going to get my druid and wicca kit out and make you suffer this ten times over, you angry multiple personality *******. I know who you are and yes he is Warrior Servant as well.

Do not take any notice of the pig Brooke, he is a waste of time and good energy. And I dont give a flying what you reply, your full of sh.t.
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