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Default Re: WOW - Lost middle-class tribe's 'secret' eco-village in Wales

I know someone who lived near these people....!

They were accepted for a long time by locals AND the local Pembrokeshire national Parks people ~(south west wales)- and - even supported!!!!

I think the Parks authourities were leant on by the British Government to dismantle the village, despite no real objections from locals!!....

So it is worth remebering not ALL police etc are siding with the GOVTS of the world!

EG, Alex Jones and crew getting thumbs up from local police when they are out and about...

North Wales is a VERY alternative ANTI British Government area.......!!

Not suprising, they have been screwed around for decades, even centuries by the British Govts.!!

Including flooding an ENITRE VALLEY and VILLAGE to make way for a dam to provide electricity, NOT for locals but for LIVERPOOL accross the Wiral in ENGLAND!! hahaha!

I love Wales, in that area, North Wales, is the highest percentage (97%) of Welsh Gaelic speakers in Wales !

Anyone remeber the eco village set up on Guiness Ltd - (yes the stout company! Alledgedly VERY corrupt!) land in London???

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