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Default Re: Red Letter Church

Not so quick, orthodoxymoron! I read it. It made sense. I just didn't get what 'red letter' meant, i.e. is it a letter (to mail), a letter in the alphabet...

I AM easily confused.

About UFO Jesus, I wonder actually about connections to the Leonid meteor showers and comet Tempel-Tuttle, because:

"The orbit of 55P/Tempel-Tuttle intersects that of Earth near exactly, hence streams of material ejected from the comet during perihelion passes do not have to spread out over time to encounter Earth. This coincidence means that streams from the comet are still dense when they encounter Earth, resulting in the *33 year cycle* of Leonid meteor storms."


"The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the constellation Leo: the meteors appear to stream from that point in the sky."

Remember that old Kris Kristofferson song, Jesus Was a Capricorn? No, Jesus was a Leo (Aug 19-21ish), according to scholarship. Also, JesterTerrestrial posted a very cool pic on his Able to Love thread, which I'm going to put here for you too (that whole page is amazing):

UFO/ Consciousness Jesus!

just random thoughts
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