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Originally Posted by EarthBowl View Post
Thanks Sam

Here is a link to site that have info on solar ovens. You dont need to buy one... you can use a cardboard box and aluminum foil to make one. no electricity needed!
Thanks, Earthbowl. Will read through the different oven reports for as much info on their functions and most appropriate way of cooking with them and when the dry season arrives (May) will make one and see how it goes and do a report. As well as a report on the Pot fridge.

Out of interest I am also going to beat up some egg and a slice of thin meat and see how well it cooks on a car bonnet. Cars cook here. Have to have a steering wheel cover, if you don't and the car has been parked in the sun it is too hot to grip.

If someone ends up sprawled unconscious upon one of our bituman roads due to an accident the top priority is to get them off it or something under them as the road heat causes burns. Hear that it is pretty much the same in Texas.
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