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Default Re: Pyramid Building Solved?

yeah I have done such searches myself and got nothing. One of the reasons I made this post was to search for some cooberation I may be unaware of. This is supposedly rather hush hush in Egyptology as this would destroy the heritage of the Egyptian people, which Dr. Zahi Hawass and others before him protect at all costs and will actually expel archaeological researchers who investigate such theories that do not fall in line with the scientific status quo.

These guys actually "dismiss" steles and other evidence as "anomalies" or outright "mistakes" (4k year old "mistakes" mind you) because they do not fit into their current desired theories. Dr. Zahi Hawass and Co even shut down archaeological sites that contain features or implications that upset academia, all in the name of preserving the site for future study by "sanctioned" archaeologist.

It is not uncommon to have incredible archaeological finds (forbidden archeology) totally swept under the rug because the implications of these finds literally re-write history, destroying the heritage of entire nations and demands a re-examination of their culture.

This kind of mentality in the scientific community is rather common, therefore sources such as Wiki and any other explanations from officialdom will probably not include such cooberation. My mind is open that this may be some wild misrepresentation of the Famine Stele for some cooked up scheme, yet I also can't help but to find the demonstrations of the Geopolymer Institute as "self evident".

In all honesty I have never seen this theory before reading this book, so I am questioning it too, yet so far it does a good job of explaining most, if not all of the enigmas concerning how Earth's ancient megalithic structures were built.

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