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Default Too Bad He Could'nt Foresee Getting Caught!

Sean David Morton Arrested for FRAUD!

Too bad he couldn't foresee getting caught.

Federal regulators filed suit today against a self-proclaimed psychic who allegedly scammed $6 million by conning suckers into believing that his extrasensory abilities would make them "piles of money" by trading foreign currencies.

Sean David Morton -- who bills himself as "America's Prophet" -- "falsely touted his historical success in psychically predicting the various rises and falls of the market," according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
In reality, the SEC says "he invested only about half of the funds with foreign currency trading firms" and diverted the rest, including $240,000 that went to a non-profit religious organization called the Prophecy Research Institute that he runs with his wife, Melissa, who's also named in the suit.
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