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Default Re: The Ashtar Command & the Galactic Federation

Hello, I have come in peace, am new to the forum, but not new. Been scanning for awhile, but now that it is freeeeee, and I saw this post, I had to send you all to these links. I posted this on Above Top Secrect and got 500 points, wooo whoo. In which, it is not the points I cared about, it is something that needs to get out, here, besides on ATS. In which, that place, unless you want to get flamed and attacked, you better be careful what you put up. So here goes. First I will explain how I got the info, in which I was almost afraid to put it out there, but got some really good responses, but I don't really care about responses anyway, it is the info that I find and people need to know to get them out of the collective Ashtar command and the Galactic Federation of Light psy-op, disinformation operation.

I've always had my doubts about nesara, (done my homework), and the GFL,
but, they are so good that they make you believe it is real, but it is not, why was it secret agreement with Clinton when we know he is in on this money laudering and drug dealing, money stealing scam? Because they know the hu-man brain. Anyway, right now, just wanted to get this out.

Now, for the explanation before I hand you the link.
I emailed Mark Huber and said that okay, I've heard it was nesara, then I heard it was gesara, then I had also heard that Ashtar was a collective A.I. and blah, blah, blah. I recieved an email, directly from him because the ladies that screen the emails didn't know what I was asking, I told Mark, it is ALL in question, this was on Sept. 21 of last year. I had mentioned that I go to RMN, and also read Chris Story, and also have email converstions with Benjamin Fulford. Well, this was when the (de-cloakings) where suppose to happen around that time. He had told me; quote: look up to the skies and you may receive a message; unquote. I'm thinkin, okay?

Well, as we know and poor Ms. Goodchild and the voice to skull communication she received, never happened.

But, I did receive a message! I go to RMN everyday, so there happened to be a C. Story post, (and no, I don't believe "everything" he says, so don't even flame me for that one please), but, right in the middle of this post of his post, was a message. WOW, was I shocked. Here ya go, are ya ready?

So, here it is:

The Galactic Federation of Light (my emphasis) is: List of the LAUNDRY FACILITY known as the IRS BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB!
It is a CI-LTD (Central Intelligence Limited Corporation) Disinformation Operation!

Anyway, check it out, plus, this website has soooo much info in it, period, about the finances of the world.

I will be posting another main post here in a bit so you can also find out the truth about the true UFO, or should I say IFO's and the game the illuminati have been playing since the days of Babylon.

Take Care my sweet people. This site has so much love in it compared to the negativity of ATS.
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