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Default Re: The Ashtar Command & the Galactic Federation

It's pretty hard if you don't have reliable means for discernment. Using heart as filter instead of mind was the key for me. But I guess you first have to pry those two apart so you can tell which is which.

One thing I know to be true, and so use as a first line gauge, is how are they treating personal sovereignty and free will. Because the real deal holds these things as so sacred, that it's hard to get them to tell you anything that you can simply find out for yourself by looking. They don't tell people what to do. And they don't assign themselves fancy titles implying authority. This is a sure sign of something lesser play acting, or someone having some fun with you.

There are no great beings of light who consider us their "Army" of any kind. They may advise you to do your meditation and process your issues to clean your auric, and emotional fields, but even that is if you clearly asked for the help on some level.

They can be seen to be taking some big actions sometimes, that affect energetic systems on a planetary scale, but let's not forget Gaia is a conscious being too, and can ask for help in her process of ascension, which would be answered, just like ours are.

Where it gets even more interesting, is where you have these little intel community cube farm hireling twits sitting there at their computers trying to write "authentic" sounding channeled information, and actually beginning to channel info which is then spread throughout their intended disinfo. Lol at that one, when you come across it. But it then reads in part like something coming from higher consciousness, and people can be tricked into thinking the whole thing is from a higher consciousness. And you get a lot of "bleed through" from the channel in most instances, which has to be filtered out.

But for me, I generally get something of value out of even disinfo attempts, and generally use my heart filter to discern whether their is sovereign respect for my free will in the message or not.

It's working so far, near as I can tell.
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