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Default Re: The Ashtar Command & the Galactic Federation

Originally Posted by feardia View Post
I have to say that I believe the GFL exists, but like all of these channellers they have big ideas about their own importance 'Ascended Masters', Lord Sanando, or Commander Haaton. Most of these beings are 5th dimensional although they try to fool us into believing that they are 12th dimensional. They are afraid that we are going to ascend and escape their control, we are their food source, they want us either living in fear, or worshipping them.

George Kavasilas is particularly good on what is going on in the other dimensions, and even he admits that he was fooled by the GFL. He says that there are very few beings from above the 5th dimension talking to us, and that anyone who says they are from 7D + are telling lies. George's site

I read everything on George's site and then where has he gone? I was very interested in tracking with his personal evolvement and now he no longer posts.

I'm open to what you are saying and would you please clarify for me as to what makes you have that conclusion? The reason I am asking is that a couple of days ago I had an interesting conversation with someone who kept talking to me about consciousness and how consciousness is going to be affected on this planet and that I need to keep doing my clearing work (he used a term specific to my group that is not widely known). I asked him his name and he said, "Metatron". I asked him his role and then I took a look at his "space" and did not see anything dastardly dark in him (just some fluffy angel wings). Perhaps I did not dig deeply enough into his "space" to see what else he was holding onto, but he seemed pretty clean to me and his message seemed very right on. Any leads on who he is?

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