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Default Re: Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released oct 20th

Originally Posted by Genevieve View Post
The "others" CANNOT intervene in my opinion because they really have absolutely no control over matters - WE as humans do!! That is why they need us - and have been fighting over who controls us.

There IS no other higher power (as in another life form that can help us) - we are in actual fact THEIR helpers - but we don't realise this.
If indeed we are unaware helpers, we are victims of an agenda to which we wilfully participate because the reasons behind the agenda have been replaced with the impression of serving one's own interest, namely the illusion of free will.

Originally Posted by Genevieve View Post
I have really thought this over and over thru the years and while i do believe in a divine being (something that all matter and non matter and consciousness actually belongs to) i have repeatably been shown intuitively and also thru study that somehow we HUMANS are a KEY to something more than we can ever imagine.
If that is the case, and that no really useful information is forthcoming to that effect, two things must be considered.

1- The key is not ready because the finality of the current phase of human experience is not completed enough to allow the individual to support such information without turning it into a tool for forces that would oppose this key.

2- Those intelligences who have stewardship over this planet have no interest in instructing man about his reality but would rather feed man with concepts that fit an agenda that is totally alien to the information fed.

Originally Posted by Genevieve View Post
I really hope we can remember WHO we are in the coming times instead of expecting a revelation from the skies to TELL us what to think. I feel we have all had enough of indoctrination to last us eternity already!!! lol
Remembering who we are would imply an existing memory of what that <who> is.
If we consider for a moment that this <who> has never experienced incarnation, but that the soul, the memory of the experience programmed in a mechanical form of experimental consciousness, has been investigating matter by procuration, then the soul could have no memory of the <who> but only memory of the command from its inceptor.

Then, to know who the <who> is, the consciousness of that intelligence must fuse with the consciousness of the mortal, totally transforming consciousness as we know it and disposing of the experimental parameters that were used as a scaffold during a period of construction, a period of creation, of a terminal capable of receiving it close to matter.

Then, the individual could not anymore remember who he really is, that who not being part of a world of forms, therefore lying outside of the time of memories, but would <know> who he is, as he would simply be.

At the same time, the full memory of the experience of the soul would be available to that <who> who would be one with the once mortal consciousness.

I guess that what I am saying is that we won't find our reality in our past, our past simply being the accumulation of memories by the soul during its experience as a mechanical function, but will find it outside of time, therefore outside of reflection and outside of accumulated knowledge.

Or is it <it> who will find us, when we are ready and capable to face a reality of which we are absolutely terrified until that time when we have stripped ourselves of all fears?

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