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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Originally Posted by Allie View Post
I'm a girl, 2infintiy.

Where is the evidence? I say this in a tone of respectfulness.

Is it a view you have of the characteristics of a dis-info 'agent'? I may be wrong, but I'm honestly not sure this is reliable.

It just didn't gel with me that the evidence you appeared to cite was 'being friendly' , 'popular', 'freedom of speech', 'infestation'. Sure, I'd agree those can be 'tactics' - but they might equally mean a genuinely friendly, popular person who supports freedom of speech.
Hey allie, hows bein a girl goin for ya? always wanted to be one for a day.

Well allie, i was making an observation. It wasnt a call to get everyone all paranoid, just stating that ive noticed quite a few people here who on the surface seem very cool people but over time, viewing their posts ive noticed a pattern of behaviour towords certain subjects that makes me feel somewhat suspicious.

I dont want to provide evidence of any kind, that would cause trouble because i could be wrong about certain observations. I was asked how i felt about the forum and thought id explain why i felt this way. Those traits i explained were just some of the things that aroused my supicion, i dont normally make my opinions so lightly.
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