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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Should we be honest? Well then, both PC and PA forum is a wonderful place where a human (or a wanderer, or whatever ) could learn his "missing" lessons. And we have so much to learn .

No one here have the completely picture of what is happening to us. And therefore, I'm very proud to be around, as mostly, the members here are really nice and give their wisdom and knowledge to another.
Each one participate with their own thruth, and this is how we're gonna learn the WHOLE that IS!!!

But.... I allready mentioned in one of my previous posts
( check that here: ),

I have a feeling that there a few members here, who try to divide...

Trying to look "cool" and stating the own point of view as the ultimate truth is just leading to displeasure by others.

There are so many good threads around with realy good issues, which deserve to be discussed more then ever. But there are obvious some "big guns" around here which, if they don't like the subject (could be for many reasons), they just don't participate. If they don't participate, so other "friends" also don't. Or they post their ulimate thruts out there and there you have it, the thread "dies".

The displeasure could lead to resignation and members will go away to other forums.

Sorry for my honest words...

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