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Originally Posted by no caste View Post
Remember that old Kris Kristofferson song, Jesus Was a Capricorn? No, Jesus was a Leo (Aug 19-21ish), according to scholarship.

just random thoughts
This is not about the Red church, but when Jesus was born. I will go look at that other link regarding the church.

I couldn't resist putting my two cents in here:

Jesus was born on September 11, 3 b.c.e on Tishri 1 the Feast of Trumpets which heralded the new year and first day of government or his Kingship.

It can be determined by finding out when Zachariah was doing his priestly duties in the temple. It was the "course of Abia" Luke 1:5-8. Elizabeth got pregnant then and 6 months later, Mary got pregnant. Thus 9 months later Jesus was born. The spiritual symbolism is quite interesting. We are also given a huge clue in Revelation 12:15. I've provided a link below for those interested in the scholarship and spiritual blessing it offers.

When I was involved in Messianic Judaism years ago, it was interesting to learn how fervently the observant Jewish community took Rosh Hashanah and would pray to God, repent of their sins, ask forgiveness of their fellow man and recite "The book is closing, the book is closing" in preparation for the book of life closing and needing to have their names in it in case they died that year. They believed to not have their name inscribed would mean separation from God forever. We also know that Mary took Jesus to the Temple to be dedicated shortly after his birth believed to be on Yom Kippur.

For a truly amazing and spiritually uplifting read, please go to:

This link leaves no doubt when Jesus was born, and to the deeper student the significance of that date, which interestingly has been perverted into a day of war by the Illuminati.

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