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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Ok i think I might understand what your saying here. Because I have a large pyramid in my home that I put shtuff under in order to charge it with energy or balance the energy of that shtuff. I put 3 gallon containers of water, my razor blades ( for shaving ), fruit and things that need to have their energy be more balance energy.

BY the way everyone, please don't bother telling or preaching to me that such does not work for me. I and a few others experience what our pyramid does at least, not you. Mainly because you don't live in my home, lol. Especially don't bother telling me that I'm some how attempting to prove that pyramids can do anything for anyone. If anything, all my posts & threads on this forum concern your being more aware. After that do with what you please.

I look at such experiences like I do my various psychic abilities... they are mostly here for my own self proving and experience. Although I am looking into my own business for utilizing such abilities to help others.

At any rate, so is something like the pyramid power I use what we're talking about? That different shapes promote frequency or energy?

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