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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

hey the techguy. Thanks for all the info you've shared.

Oh trust me, I am using physics and math but the concepts involve using geometry and the interaction between them, which yes, can be described with math and physics, but I don't need numbers to share the concepts. I am using a program called GeoGebra which is a 2D geometry program which I use for calculations and laying out the vortex geometry. I also did use a 3D modeling program called Maya which I have 10 years of experience with, however, the newest version I just got and it's not working at the moment.

Here's a pic I just took. Just finished the first circuit on the coil, now I'm going to wrap the 2nd one which should go by much quicker, then the fun begins!

I plan to head to Sedona this coming Monday with the coil to do test runs with some researchers up there. I really need at least 10k volts to pump into it, which I might pull off myself by creating a new kind of transformer, a rodin coil transformer. I would wrap a rodin coil around a steel washer, with one circuit with say 10 windings, and the other with only one winding to step up the voltage, but in a much more efficient manner.
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